Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Moments moved us on,
The distance numbered our days,
 but we stood fighting until we gave into fates sway. 
 Bending but not giving up until it broke all that was.
 It was months after and I remember thinking to myself, 
how much of the day would pass until you walked backed into my subconscious. 
Washing over me all the anxiety in a new wave every day.
 I was in pain and you were not, 
and that was pain enough I suppose. 
I suffered for a long time,
hoping that fate would sway again and fix us this time around.
I wonder if it would be any easier,
 if home was a place and not a person.

 Zhangjiajie, China

Monday, 15 February 2016

"Put out the light, and then put out the light"

 Wuhan, China

Very often we reflect and convince ourselves that regardless of how bewildered our minds are we will find a way to tame the chaos. He had learned to live with how impassive and indifferent he was. He loved unconditionally, he cared deeply, and every inch of his heart was pink and looked for a heart that beat for him. He finally found it in her and yet he was unfulfilled. The chaos was temporarily put out when he drowned in idea’s his heart didn’t believe in, he didn’t like the helplessness his childish soul he had felt. His light sparked often burning the empty display he’d let build around him, but he put it out every day. The light was out but the dawn she’d hoped for didn’t come…

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Failing at love

If it doesn’t give you joy, leave. It’s a short life and if it only brings you sorrow and angst you are living it wrong.  In the quest for evolutionary immortality we struggle in order to win, to live on,  to become eternal but the biology of our beings is simple and reminds us of our mortality with every breath we take.  Yet we battle in an attempt to obtain immortality, sometimes with legacy, sometimes in children, sometimes with faith in god or man. We hope our memories will live on, our love will live on, our faith will live on but they only die with us. We begin and we end. We can never be eternal yet we waste every day hoping our life means something. Fall in love with people that believe that every minute, every breath is ephemeral. Fall in love with people that respect the transitory nature of life and value it.  

“Light my fire watch it go.

 If your passion doesn't show.

Reach out reach out for the sky.” ……… 
We Are Stars by Mindset Evolution

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why I moved to china ?

One way plane ticket to the other side of the world, to live the life of a small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You will live an existence that some see unfit, conditions not perfect, basic luxury you take for granted taken way. Twenty one and wandering the world where no one speaks the language and smiles would be the only way to communicate, until you learn and bring more into your life. A job unlike any other you’ve done, TEFL is often criticised. “Anybody can teach in china” they told me.
A little something of a difference you could make, some new ideas you’d give and a friend you’ll be to someone who really needs one. Take a leap of faith, go with it, it might not come your way again she said. The parks in London didn’t have a beating heart did they? , you saw all the parks, took all the lines of the underground, took in some art and some culture and hopefully learned a fair bit but did your soul grow? ……It did I insisted.
Let it grow a little more, maybe stammer along the way! …..Oh piss off 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The purpose of your existence is yours alone to discover..

Drunk on tears waiting for the season of a meaningless sorrow to end. He once said to me, independence was nothing but a stipulation, as the mind would always be entombed in its self-loathing plight.Never would there be an independence from this season until the mind broke free from the sardonic empire that labelled actions. When the philosophies in existence shattered only then free from predestined ideas and enduring beliefs YOU would emerge.Only then would the seasons change

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Our generation


In the world of infinite possibilities it was as though I sprinted with blinkers.  Never cared for a good time, just a deep passion for ambitions that had over taken my world. Hustling in the fast lane, no time to breathe in the ecstasy or agony. Was I ever taught contentment, could I ever learn to be content? This was who I had grown into, this is what they created, so focused on who I had to become, I had lost sight of who I was.  

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Every odd job ! Working part time as a student - My thoughts

Waitress, hostess, bartender, nanny, Teacher, babysitter, dog walker, flyer distributor, cook, hair model, market research participant, health writer, ghost writer, awareness campaign executive , London student blogger, student ambassador, journalist!

I leave London a better person, not because of the education. It’s very standard, the good, the bad, the useless bit of any education are all part of the system but what gave me lesson of a lifetime wasn’t the architecture or the advanced city or the global atmosphere but the fearlessness this city instils, the drive it gave me. 

The chance to seek some independence, financial independence is after all the first step to real uncompromised liberation.  

The initial shame in being a cleaner, the fear of spilling a soup as a server, the joy to see a child put his trust in me, the happiness of that paw pushing at me for a walk, the relief of not burning someone’s dinner, the pride in seeing my work getting published week after week, the humour of my participation in stupid undergrad experiments for a fiver.  

I was so much for a year, I was capable and I learned respect for others and myself. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


It’s perhaps the best feeling in the world, having the chance to live in two worlds at a time.
One where I wake up and get to work on an overcrowded tube, I smile to myself every time I hear someone say “MIND THE GAP” after all I live in London and when one gets tired of London they tire of life !

The other when I wake up and walk to Richmond Park which is only 15 minutes from my University halls, I smile to myself every time I think of the how lucky I am to be able to walk among the fallow deer without having to take a buck safari !

Trip sponsored by London Universities International Partnership #LUIP

Monday, 8 June 2015

Packing for university abroad - London

Most International students moving to London for studies, burden themselves packing a lot of their traditional food in their bags. I suppose such behaviour is based on the fact that they are unaware about the availability of their cultural cuisine in a new city.  I did the same.  I carried readymade packets worrying about my palate as I did not know much about the new city and its tastes.

However if I have to give any advice to any international student about what they need to carry for their bellies, I would say that London offers global cuisine which is available in a variety of ranges and qualities from cheap, affordable and expensive depending upon which super market one would choose to go to buy their purchases from. I suggest going to Asda, Co-op, and a few local stores which are reasonably priced.  A Saintsbury or a Waitrose would be a little on the expensive side.  The university international school committees often forget to advise their students regarding such matters probably considering them to be very basic information and therefore such guidelines held back, causes a lot of inconvenience to the new students and is difficult on their pockets too.

So now what are the things an international student must bring along when he/she packs for London?
I would say winter wear is a basic and an essential part when moving to this part of the UK. A pair of warm boots, a few jumpers, a warm winter coat and a pair of gloves is a must. Having these is definitely essential for if one fails to them then a visit to Primark would become inevitable but then one would end up buying things of a poor quality at a cheaper rate. I would also suggest that good quality stationery is overpriced in London and therefore carrying some along would do well to a student. For people who smoke, bringing their brands/roll-ups along from their countries would be beneficial to them because the same would be once again expensive in London.

In short, I would suggest that one should travel light and not unnecessarily over load their journey since a lot is available at reasonable prices in London. Also one must use caution to not rush to buy all the essentials at the same time from the same place but give time to move around and make a judgement of the prices at different places and then only make purchases.

Though London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, if only one were to be a little cautious there would be not much of a financial crunch.

Trip sponsored by London Universities International Partnership #LUIP

Friday, 3 April 2015

HearMeOut : India’s Daughter BBC

Dear Mr. Modi,
I voted for you. Please do not shame me, my country and your country that trusted you to take us towards a progressive era. It has been two years that my anger has been seething and I have waited for the Indian judicial system to make the correct decision and hang the rapists if not castrate them first. I blame you for feeling ashamed of the nation that I was born in. I blame you for banning the movie ‘India’s Daughter’ and there by letting the parts of our misinformed society of egoistic uncultured men and women to feel less shameful when their mind-set is reflected by a criminal.
Mr. Venkaiah Naidu- “This is an international conspiracy to defame India."
Dear Sir, you sworn in as the Minister for Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs on 26 May 2014. Do you not see that urban development is impossible when a woman’s right to work after 7 pm has been questioned? Does it not defame India when you decide to ban a documentary that will perhaps help women like me to channel their anger towards reform?
Meenakshi Lekhi - "this will certainly affect tourism."
Dear Ma’am as an active member of the Standing Committee on Urban Development are you only concerned about tourism? Yes, most of my foreign friends have doubts of every visiting our country but not because of the awareness of crimes against women but because they won’t feel safe in a country that bans a documentary which could perhaps do more good that the government and all its reformers.
Rajnath Singh's- “The dignity of women will not allow any attempt by any individual, group or organization to leverage such unfortunate incidents for commercial benefit”
Dear Mr. Home Minister last I heard you claimed that English was bad for our society. I nodded my head and tried to wrap my head around your statement trying to understand why you would make language an issue when our country comprises of around 30 million illiterate young women. What must I think Sir?
No Sir, I assure you my dignity will not be affected by what a rapist thinks of me. My dignity is however bruised by a politician that justifies why he feels the need to ban a documentary that brings to light the reality of my life in India. Let’s not talk dignity sir, you just tried to shame Leslee, a woman that left her children behind for two years only to voice the opinion of women that are far to oppressed in the country that you promised to help lead towards prosperity.
Babulal Gaur- It is a social crime which depends on the man and the woman. It is sometimes right and sometimes wrong.
Mr Gaur, I hear your comments were dismissed by the BJP as your personal opinion. I however have decided to blame this on your lack of responsibility and would request you to resign if not rethink your purpose in life.
Ramsewek Paikar – No one commits rape intentionally, it happens by mistake.
Mr. Paikar, I forgive your ignorance. Please resign intentionally and correct the mistake.
Dear Mr. Modi,
I am a young student that walks bravely on the streets on London at 1 am. I am the same girl that was eve teased outside a theatre in Mumbai at 6pm. So when your government was incapable of protecting my dignity by its very efficient law, I do not understand the home minister’s sudden concern over my dignity.
I regret to inform you that with all the education I gained in a foreign land and all my skills as a health practitioner I will not settle for India, I will not make it my home and I do not wish to be part of a country that has no place for a woman. I cannot cure the sick mind-set of our society but you can. I hope you do and someday I hope I can return to an India that finally acknowledges me as more than a flower that needs protection.
The shame of India is not the documentary directed by Leslee Udwin. The shame of India is its women that tolerate being tyrannized.
Kind regards,
Educated Indian.

"Opinions expressed are solely my own I do not have any commercial interest from this blog. Share if you agree, comment if you don't. 

Thames river cruise #London #CityCruises

How lucky am I! Spending a relaxed afternoon on a boat in the Thames. This river might not look like much to the average Londoner but there’s so much more to it than the tower bridge.

Strange but intriguing,  Henry the III was gifted a polar bear from Norway, the king kept it locked in the tower of London only letting it out sometimes to swim in the Thames. 

Tower pier to Big Ben this city cruise covers it all! If I had only one day in London this is where I would spend my afternoon.



Saturday, 28 March 2015

Where Harry Potter went to school !

As our cruise guide talked endlessly about the historical buildings that stood overlooking the Thames, I was a little bored until he said Daniel Radcliffe, pointing towards the City of London School. Unfortunately I didn’t meet harry porter! But I now know where the clumsy accident prone pretend magician went to school For Real :P


Trip sponsored by London Universities International Partnership #LUIP

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Abandoned underground station in London

 Being a London student ambassador has its perks and I recently was given the opportunity to visit an abandoned underground station in London which had once been used as a World War II command center and had also been functional as a shelter by Winston Churchill and his war cabinet.
Photo credits :

The informative afternoon began with a presentation by David Leboff, a London underground enthusiast and famous author. My fellow ambassadors and I learned all about the history of the London underground while seated comfortably in a presentation room at the Transport for London headquarters at the iconic 55 Broadway building.

Later that afternoon we headed to the rooftop of the exceptionally historic 55 Broadway to soak in some sun sunshine and enjoy the marvelous view. The TFL headquarters will be relocating and this building will soon be converted into a residential complex for the super-rich in 2015!

Next we were on our way to experience what very few people are even aware of. One of London’s abandoned underground stations. It stands lost and forgotten in-between Hide park corner and Piccadilly Circus. Wet, cold, dirty and possibly haunted this was one of those experiences that gives you the creeps yet the thrill keeps you going. This was a secret location but thanks to Google image search I now know I was at down street tube station! 

Some secrets are meant to be shared, if you’re a student or tourist or a Londoner with a fancy for the unusual this should definitely be on your 'Places to see in London' list !

Trip sponsored by London Universities International Partnership #LUIP

Monday, 5 January 2015

Liebster Award

Thanks to my friend and fellow London International Student Ambassador Audrey Faltin for the nomination.

So without any delays, let's begin by going over the Rules  

  • Link back to the blogger who awarded you 
  • Reveal your 5 blog picks with less than 200 followers to nominate
  • Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog 
  • Answer the questions asked to you by the person that nominated you

Why did you choose to study in London?

Apart from being a gorgeous city, London is one of the only places that offers a master’s programme in Obesity PREVENTION. Another reason for my choice was the scholarship I received from the University of Roehampton. Supporting myself in one of the world’s most expensive city wasn't going to be easy without a scholarship.  The open door policy in my University, the lovely lush green campus, living so close to the heart of London and yet sheltered in the greenery of Richmond. I love it! 

My beautiful University 

What is your favorite song to dance to?

 Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"...This song is so danceable


What is the first app you use each day and why?

My sweet sweet mother has finally learned to use what’s-app(an instant messing application) .. That’s the one app I can’t live without, it keeps me connected to everyone, especially my family. 

Why were you given your name?

After great debate my mother finally decided based on a number of factors. I think the book "The Divine Romance" by paramahansa yogananda influenced her decision a lot. She initially wanted to name me after a goddess. 

What was (or is) the best job you've had?

I have always enjoyed writing and have a passion for healthy eating.. getting paid to write a heath awareness and inspiration books is amazing. 

If you could repeal one law what would it be?

The Caste based reservation system used by some educational institutions aggravates me. I am not a minority nor do I specifically fall into any specific cast or religious categories as I'm the child of an inter cast marriage. Even though society is very open minded today it needs to revise such stupid laws. Out of 12 seats for a master’s programme 10 were allotted based on casts and minority. One seat was in house (for the students of that university). Therefore more than 1000 applicants competed for 1 seat!  I know in a way it’s an effort to uplift the lower strata of the society but this is definitely not equality of opportunity. What a shame !

What is your comfort food?

Focaccia with Hummus..I absolutely love it and it never makes me feel bloated. 
Photo credits -

And a very recent guilty pleasure of mine are the cheese fries at  shake shack
Photo credits -

What is the best book you've read this year? Ever? 

Ever - Has to be the "House of night series by PC Cast". These books filled me with wonder and imagination as a teenager. It’s nowhere close to a classic but still will be my all-time favorite series.

2014- "Jars Filled with Gold by Ruby Malshe" The story is one of survival. The Hypocrisy of a community that does not acknowledge a daughter. Growing up the daughter of a Zoroastrian woman and a Hindu man can be challenging, I think this book needs to be read by many. 

If you had 10 minutes on a popular TV talk show, what would you talk about?

Modern day slavery.. Educated people with full time jobs should not have to struggle to make ends meet. 

What type of exercise do you most enjoy?

I like cycling and practicing power yoga. 

Nomination -

Your questions are:
1. Whats it like to study in London?
2. Is Living on a student budget a struggle ?
3. Should international students work part time ?
4. whats the best thing about being an international student ?
5. Describe your best day in London so far? 
6. Favorite place to shop in London ?
7. How has the international experience contributed to your Life ? 
8. Whats your favorite city in the world? 
9. An book/movie that has had a great impact on your life ?
10. An inspiration Quote that can lift your spirits ?