Friday, 3 April 2015

HearMeOut : India’s Daughter BBC

Dear Mr. Modi,
I voted for you. Please do not shame me, my country and your country that trusted you to take us towards a progressive era. It has been two years that my anger has been seething and I have waited for the Indian judicial system to make the correct decision and hang the rapists if not castrate them first. I blame you for feeling ashamed of the nation that I was born in. I blame you for banning the movie ‘India’s Daughter’ and there by letting the parts of our misinformed society of egoistic uncultured men and women to feel less shameful when their mind-set is reflected by a criminal.
Mr. Venkaiah Naidu- “This is an international conspiracy to defame India."
Dear Sir, you sworn in as the Minister for Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs on 26 May 2014. Do you not see that urban development is impossible when a woman’s right to work after 7 pm has been questioned? Does it not defame India when you decide to ban a documentary that will perhaps help women like me to channel their anger towards reform?
Meenakshi Lekhi - "this will certainly affect tourism."
Dear Ma’am as an active member of the Standing Committee on Urban Development are you only concerned about tourism? Yes, most of my foreign friends have doubts of every visiting our country but not because of the awareness of crimes against women but because they won’t feel safe in a country that bans a documentary which could perhaps do more good that the government and all its reformers.
Rajnath Singh's- “The dignity of women will not allow any attempt by any individual, group or organization to leverage such unfortunate incidents for commercial benefit”
Dear Mr. Home Minister last I heard you claimed that English was bad for our society. I nodded my head and tried to wrap my head around your statement trying to understand why you would make language an issue when our country comprises of around 30 million illiterate young women. What must I think Sir?
No Sir, I assure you my dignity will not be affected by what a rapist thinks of me. My dignity is however bruised by a politician that justifies why he feels the need to ban a documentary that brings to light the reality of my life in India. Let’s not talk dignity sir, you just tried to shame Leslee, a woman that left her children behind for two years only to voice the opinion of women that are far to oppressed in the country that you promised to help lead towards prosperity.
Babulal Gaur- It is a social crime which depends on the man and the woman. It is sometimes right and sometimes wrong.
Mr Gaur, I hear your comments were dismissed by the BJP as your personal opinion. I however have decided to blame this on your lack of responsibility and would request you to resign if not rethink your purpose in life.
Ramsewek Paikar – No one commits rape intentionally, it happens by mistake.
Mr. Paikar, I forgive your ignorance. Please resign intentionally and correct the mistake.
Dear Mr. Modi,
I am a young student that walks bravely on the streets on London at 1 am. I am the same girl that was eve teased outside a theatre in Mumbai at 6pm. So when your government was incapable of protecting my dignity by its very efficient law, I do not understand the home minister’s sudden concern over my dignity.
I regret to inform you that with all the education I gained in a foreign land and all my skills as a health practitioner I will not settle for India, I will not make it my home and I do not wish to be part of a country that has no place for a woman. I cannot cure the sick mind-set of our society but you can. I hope you do and someday I hope I can return to an India that finally acknowledges me as more than a flower that needs protection.
The shame of India is not the documentary directed by Leslee Udwin. The shame of India is its women that tolerate being tyrannized.
Kind regards,
Educated Indian.

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