Thursday, 23 July 2015

Every odd job ! Working part time as a student - My thoughts

Waitress, hostess, bartender, nanny, Teacher, babysitter, dog walker, flyer distributor, cook, hair model, market research participant, health writer, ghost writer, awareness campaign executive , London student blogger, student ambassador, journalist!

I leave London a better person, not because of the education. It’s very standard, the good, the bad, the useless bit of any education are all part of the system but what gave me lesson of a lifetime wasn’t the architecture or the advanced city or the global atmosphere but the fearlessness this city instils, the drive it gave me. 

The chance to seek some independence, financial independence is after all the first step to real uncompromised liberation.  

The initial shame in being a cleaner, the fear of spilling a soup as a server, the joy to see a child put his trust in me, the happiness of that paw pushing at me for a walk, the relief of not burning someone’s dinner, the pride in seeing my work getting published week after week, the humour of my participation in stupid undergrad experiments for a fiver.  

I was so much for a year, I was capable and I learned respect for others and myself. 

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