Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why I moved to china ?

One way plane ticket to the other side of the world, to live the life of a small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You will live an existence that some see unfit, conditions not perfect, basic luxury you take for granted taken way. Twenty one and wandering the world where no one speaks the language and smiles would be the only way to communicate, until you learn and bring more into your life. A job unlike any other you’ve done, TEFL is often criticised. “Anybody can teach in china” they told me.
A little something of a difference you could make, some new ideas you’d give and a friend you’ll be to someone who really needs one. Take a leap of faith, go with it, it might not come your way again she said. The parks in London didn’t have a beating heart did they? , you saw all the parks, took all the lines of the underground, took in some art and some culture and hopefully learned a fair bit but did your soul grow? ……It did I insisted.
Let it grow a little more, maybe stammer along the way! …..Oh piss off 


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