Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Failing at love

If it doesn’t give you joy, leave. It’s a short life and if it only brings you sorrow and angst you are living it wrong.  In the quest for evolutionary immortality we struggle in order to win, to live on,  to become eternal but the biology of our beings is simple and reminds us of our mortality with every breath we take.  Yet we battle in an attempt to obtain immortality, sometimes with legacy, sometimes in children, sometimes with faith in god or man. We hope our memories will live on, our love will live on, our faith will live on but they only die with us. We begin and we end. We can never be eternal yet we waste every day hoping our life means something. Fall in love with people that believe that every minute, every breath is ephemeral. Fall in love with people that respect the transitory nature of life and value it.  

“Light my fire watch it go.

 If your passion doesn't show.

Reach out reach out for the sky.” ……… 
We Are Stars by Mindset Evolution


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