Sunday, 15 February 2015

Abandoned underground station in London

 Being a London student ambassador has its perks and I recently was given the opportunity to visit an abandoned underground station in London which had once been used as a World War II command center and had also been functional as a shelter by Winston Churchill and his war cabinet.
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The informative afternoon began with a presentation by David Leboff, a London underground enthusiast and famous author. My fellow ambassadors and I learned all about the history of the London underground while seated comfortably in a presentation room at the Transport for London headquarters at the iconic 55 Broadway building.

Later that afternoon we headed to the rooftop of the exceptionally historic 55 Broadway to soak in some sun sunshine and enjoy the marvelous view. The TFL headquarters will be relocating and this building will soon be converted into a residential complex for the super-rich in 2015!

Next we were on our way to experience what very few people are even aware of. One of London’s abandoned underground stations. It stands lost and forgotten in-between Hide park corner and Piccadilly Circus. Wet, cold, dirty and possibly haunted this was one of those experiences that gives you the creeps yet the thrill keeps you going. This was a secret location but thanks to Google image search I now know I was at down street tube station! 

Some secrets are meant to be shared, if you’re a student or tourist or a Londoner with a fancy for the unusual this should definitely be on your 'Places to see in London' list !

Trip sponsored by London Universities International Partnership #LUIP

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