Thursday, 25 December 2014


For a student coming from a weaker currency, London is certainly too expensive a city. However, sensible budgeting is what a student needs to understand in order to experience joy in spite of empty pockets. 

If you wish to enjoy life with a lot of good food and travel then certainly that’s not the way. Unless you learn to shop and travel cheap you are certainly going to be broke. In fact, travel in 2015 is going to get even more expensive.

When you go food shopping, you must be able to identify shops with good food cheaply priced rather than the other way round.  This of course is only learnt with a little bit of experience and pain too.  Such as one gradually learns that buying at Liddle fills bags with not as good quality stuff than at Waitrose. Finding a balance at Asda then is what the student must learn with experience. As someone has rightly said that ‘Experience is the best teacher, but the fees are too high’.
Until therefore one gets in touch with the teacher Experience, one is left with very little money to explore this beautiful city.

Waiting for the bus after shopping at ASDA

Stocking up for weeks

To make travel expenses cheaper, a student could go in for a one day pass travel pass costing £10. Otherwise what I suggest is that students then must focus their trip of happiness in simple things such as taking a walk by the South Bank looking at the river Thames. The breeze coming over the waters appears as if it wants to kiss your soft skin welcoming you to this new land where you have come to spend a precious time of your life.

" Buckingham palace or a walk by the Thames" I asked my Mum "

She chose to be a traveler not a tourist 

During the Christmas season it’s not essential that one needs to buy a lot and over load oneself with a lot of useless gifts just for the sake of several advertisements which lure you into buying. One could instead walk through the markets without being tempted into buying and simply enjoy the colour, the music, the lights and the general ambiance.  One need not visit any special entertainments which would certainly rip you economically but instead enjoy the various street entertainers. There is music in the air and one needs to open up ones ears to listen to it; it’s just that simple.

Spending a day at Camden stables market  

All Christmassy at Convent Garden

Walking past a tea party at Camden 

Trafalgar square 

Winter Wonderland at Hyde park 

You could also get yourself indulged in a hot cup of coffee by the St. Catherine Docks and then walk by the Tower of London, admire the London Eye and look up to the Big Ben and watch out for the good times waiting to arrive in your life soon. 

Admiring the London Eye 

Relaxing with a cup of coffee at St. Katharine Docks

                                                    Enjoying a sandwich at St. James Park 

 After obsessing over the Tudors and Jonathan Rhys Meyers I decided to spend a day at tower of London. " there is an entry free but this can be reduced if you by a ticket online in advance 

If you are the artifacts lover then the Museums are free.

 And after spending a lot of viewing time in those long corridors you could gift your hungry stomachs a £3 delicious meal at the China Town in Central London.

Nom Noming at China Town 

Bravo! You are done seeing and experiencing London if not for free at least for cheap.

Trip sponsored by London Universities International Partnership #LUIP

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