Friday, 26 December 2014

♫ Spend a day in London’s bohemian Market #Camden #London For Free ♫

A londonist once told me "London for the happy hearts is all about Camden" 

After visiting Camden Town a number of times I now realize what he meant..This hippie hub has everything one could want, need or crave. 

The exquisite markets are bursting with garments, art, funky gothic accessories, decor and cuisine from all over the world. Independent small stalls attract a lot of tourist and locals as they are cheap and the quality of products is good. 

It is very well connected by bus, tube and rail. 

This vibrant little district sometimes looks like a painting come to life. 

The Buck Street Market.- over priced and frankly nothing out of the ordinary, yet walking through this one can be delightful. bargain bargain bargain bargain...Overpriced 

The Lock Market - be sure to bargain 

The Stables Market- It has a lot of vintage clothing and some amazing art.. don't forget to check out Cyberdog.

 Amsterdam of London, Resurrection Records. -These shops are worth mentioning.. For those who like a good smoke and amazing tunes

My Advice : Don't stop and shop, just walk - After the initial fancy and glimmer I realized that high streets are everywhere but Camden can be more than a shopping trip.. 

Camden is not necessary a shoppers paradise but it is a music loving liberal dreamers nirvana 

 Walking through the city streets offers insights into the history, life, beauty and passion of the people of Camden and London. And this experience is preciously priceless yet free   

Post sponsored by London Universities International Partnership #LUIP

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