Saturday, 13 December 2014


A unique experience in London is to attend the ‘Silent Disco’ in the Shard tower on the south bank on the river Thames.

This is one place which hosts silent discos regularly. It’s a lovely place to unwind and celebrate the joy of peace while continuing a conversation sans the loud thudding bass line.
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For a Mumbaite like me, it’s like floating in the clouds to amuse myself.

The noiseless atmosphere here in London is a treat to my ears which have got quite accustomed to a variety of sounds at all times in my birth place.  Over there either there is someone talking loudly on his cell phone because the noise of the traffic disturbs his listening abilities, or there is some neighbor celebrating his son’s first birthday with loud rejoicing or there is music being played on the loud speakers by worshippers during the festive seasons which are quite regularly spread out throughout the year.

In short it’s a cacophony out there compared to this humorous sight of moving noiseless bodies with headphones dancing noiselessly to their individual tunes.

It’ nice and I love it at the moment; but I also miss the sounds of my country India.

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