Thursday, 6 June 2013

Happiness infinite

Happiness is a state of mind, you were mistaken if you thought that the mind would allow such a state to last. As it appears our minds are really nasty, they are constantly making plans to destroy this happiness. If you don’t believe me, self reflect…those times you were blissful and didn't care for all the grief in the wicked world…the afternoons on a rainy Sunday when the family had feasted and smiled together…the day you got that first pay check…the smile on your baby’s face for the first time..The sparkle in your lover’s eyes …the moments when mum said she loved you no matter what.  The fact that you only remember the happiness and don’t feel it any more is because of the freaky interference of the mind…always waiting to make happiness a memory never letting it seep into the soul and remain there for eternity.
I most recently came across a blog with rules to be happy…the word rule has its way of ruining the fun in most things so let’s call it mantras for happiness..

Cultivate optimism

 Practice spirituality

Be silly sometimes

Stop over thinking

Peruse a passion

And finally value happiness.

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