Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Twilight Sun

Live like there’s no midnight, read through the night to behold the light.

I love to read, alright that’s an understatement I’m entranced with books. And lately this fascination got me to perceive the world when it’s neither night nor day. Staying up till midnight is quite natural to me, it’s like my artistic mind kicks in, like the stars sprinkling inspiration. Staying up till three am is not that rare as I get sucked into the book and just can’t stop turning the pages. Staying up till five, it’s like being slurped into a world where life actually has meaning and reality and my pillow seems too imprudent for me to want to return to. The splendor of a rising sun fused with the sweet chirping of the early risers.

                    Last night I couldn't sleep, and let me tell you I do look forward to a minimum five hours of coma induced sleepiness. But when the black sky started to turn dark blue I couldn't just pull my curtains together. I didn't want to, I should have but it was unbearable to look away. Getting snug close to my window I witnessed the most mesmerizing light of the day, the onset of dawn. Every minute the heavens transformed, dusky blue turning lighter and lighter till flickers of radiance glimmered through the heavens, the light got brighter and the day came to life. I actually saw the dark sky weaken as the light got stronger, and then every shadow faded away. This sounds like no big deal, my sister called me the crazy insomniac but in all honesty what I beheld was magic.


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