Thursday, 29 August 2013

Live the moment

So many revelations, time against life, living by the hours my days pass, years have taken away from me what I should have savored.

 Waking up to the sunlight has it replaced the beauty of staying up with the night? Youth has become wrinkled like the wise woman’s hands, she held my face in her palms predicting that time would pass and so would I.

I just have to hold on to it, grab it in my palms, forcing it to stay longer, forgetting the tomorrow,  breathing in today, accepting the present it gives me. Unwrapping it gently smiling all along because the smiles shaped my face, reassuring time that I didn't waste it, I valued it.

 I didn't only hold my suitcase and walk to the terminal, I didn't just hop into the next train; I didn't just go get it. I waited, I took a breath, I smiled, I didn't need the luggage. I didn't need to go get it. I needed to wait for it to come, because revelations were to be given a chance, because time wasn't in the grains of sand, it was in the golden sunshine and silver moonlight that were becoming insignificant in comparison to the glow of my iPhone. 

Because music wasn't in the words, it was in the sea as the waves hustled. It was in the chatter of the grasshopper not in the vibrations of my phone, it was in the beat of my heart not in the beat that I danced to at the club, because time was in my eyes not around the wrinkles that surrounded them

These thoughts still taunt that part of my mind willing to listen, it’s not in the moments, it’s in the memories.  Had I forgotten to live the moments ? Will I have no memories then?  Will this pass too? What if I can’t hold on to it and it slips like sand?  So I decided to look to the sky remembering to live every time its lights shined on my face.

Immature right, the little things I think about when all I should be thinking about is the assignment I have to submit the very next day.  

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