Saturday, 4 August 2012

Friendship day

Friendship is one of life’s most important relationships it requires hard work, patience and loyalty. It involves respect and gratitude. I don’t agree with the quote “No thank you and sorry in friendship”. Friends need to be thanked and appreciated, it takes work to share with a person a bond that bids you as a friends.

I found this very old poem, I was very young when I had written it so it comes across as immature but it’s still something I'd like to share. 

Love and joy,
I felt with her.
Worries I forget around her,
A New way to live she showed me.
Sort of liked it,
Happy days we shared together,
Suddenly things got so eccentric
Like a stranger I felt all alone.
Put me out like I was dependent on her. 
Oh my, I realized,
What I had always been  
Just a friend!

Celebrate friendship day let your friends know that they are special and important, that they are a part of making you the person you are J

To all my friends                                                                                                                                                           Gulnaaz, Neel, Rochi, Athira, kshiti, piya, Rajeev, James, Ali, Tony, Pooja, Parisa, Vikrant, Rohit, Erin….. Love you all J

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