Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Mantra to keep going………..

The one who walks through darkness will always value a flicker of light.
In today’s scenario, the world walks through the darkest dark times, the scare of the end of days only four months away…
Does this make you wonder of your worth or the sheer reason of all the hard work you were put through to grow into yourself, flourish with the new ideas of the new generation..
Knowledge, worth and value is the definition of your life but do people walk over the definition of your dignity...
People may not value your worth today but some person, somewhere, someday will….
Being repulsed by an orthodox stagnant mass of society shouldn’t put you down. If you survive the storm….the silence and a new way will soon follow…
“New opinions are always suspected and usually opposed without any reason but because they are not already common.” -John Locke

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  1. These Sayings are Awesome.It makes us realise that we are worth it & should give up when things knock us down.We should stop believing & Never Quit :-)
    -Alice Gracious