Sunday, 15 July 2012

TrueBlood - Book review. Club Dead

 Southern vampire series, book 3

If you enjoy supernatural fiction, club dead is perfect for you. 

Third book in the series but it doesn’t get any less interesting.  Mystical, edgy, attention grabbing and particularly fast paced, Interesting in a way that it gets humorous but doesn’t lose its supernatural suspense charm. 

The book takes you through sookie’s life and explores every bit of the person she is. Cute and charming aren’t that beneficial when she becomes a magnet that attracts all things bad.  Mind reading is a thing of the past as she has started to cope with it. Life could be just fine with her finding the love of her life and not having to worry about reading his thoughts. 

Passionately in love with a vampire isn’t the problem either but he cheating with another vampire from his past is real trouble for Sookie. Angry and betrayed she still wants to protect Bill  but that thought gets a little foggy when she meets Eric a vampire that looks like the best thing god or the devil ever made.

The story gets interesting as the heating love triangles emerge. With it comes betrayal, blood and chances of sookie being almost dead.  


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