Friday, 10 February 2012

The universe in my eyes

It’s all dark in the beginning, still striving to see harder but my eyes are closed all I’m supposed to see is darkness. The black film of the dark makes me blind to everything that happens around me. On a usual day I give up and snuggle into my pillow waiting for dreams to take me to the sleepy world.  I no longer want to pretend like nothing exists when I shut my eyes.  I want to shut my eyes but not to sleep but because I want a dip into the unknown world of darkness and what better place to find the dark. So close your eyes and open your mind to every speckle of the dark. What do you see? If your answer is ‘nothing’ then look harder. Ready to lose hope, only if you waited a little longer I’m sure you would see what I see, little specks of light appear. They look more like stars.  These tiny dots of nothing transform into moving sparkling stars. Expected nothing to be there on the other side of darkness, but what it brings is so much light and wonder.  I just discovered a mini universe; at least I think I did!

 But what I’m certain about is if you are struggling with darkness, hold on a little longer you may just find the brightest stars ever.

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