Monday, 3 October 2011


A world without women teachers would be a world without love, because it’s only a woman who can love without expectations and only a woman can be a mother.
In a world where some women are allowed to reach space and some get expelled from even the basic right to education, one can cogitatively question ‘what will be the future of man if he excludes women from studying?’
As I read the news of Faryal Bhatti, the teenage Pakistani Christian student being expelled from the Sir Syed Girls’ High School near Abbottabad for having misspelt a word in an answering a question on a poem in praise of Prophet Mohammed, my thoughts go back to T.S. Elliot’s question, ‘Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?’
Scholars of the Holy Book who become so prejudiced in  it’s pages, forget the wisdom of it’s words through them and continue their living but lose respect for life. They should be made to swirl like the one scholar who in search of truth was told by his master to raise his arms up to the sky and circle in place with water pouring on him from the skies. When he returned next after the exercise he complained that he felt a perfect fool doing what the master had advised. The master was indeed glad at such a quick revelation.
It would possibly do good to the scholars of the Taliban if they would twirl around the Sufi way to experience a high of the above and spare the innocents of the low. May be the rain water would help wash away the rust of male chauvinism and let the knowledge that they were born of women shine bright.

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