Sunday, 21 August 2011

life as i see it

The kid in the pink jumpsuit, his brown baby hair in two curly pigtails. He stood looking at me with pink cheeks and eyes teary red. I was at the playschool for an entrepreneurship assignment, there were a group of kids, few teachers, kids sang sweet nursery rhymes, there were pink blue yellow toys all around me, it felt like a toddler’s world. Two year olds are very friendly but interaction with them is a strict no for any outsider. I sat on a baby wooden chair observing interiors and child behavior. Kids walked around in pink and blue uniforms with small id cards , chubby pink cheeks  smiling all the time ,there was also this small group of boys who were really so fascinated with  my college group , they tried all sort of things to get attention .cycling around our chairs,  jumping, dancing ,making cooing sounds ,it was totally adorable .
But the kid in the pink jumpsuit stood far away, cranky and sucking on this tiny thumb. I suppose he was new, may be missing his mum. He would let no one touch him, no chocolate could tempt him and no toy could cheer him. .He cried so much, his cheeks and nose were so red that made him the totally kissable baby there. He stood all alone for almost an hour, poor baby. I left for an hour and came back to see the same kid who was by now a part of the playgroup , he didn’t look very happy though and yet played with the other kids, cycling around, talking and even laughing ,the crying had stopped . What took over was the acceptance of the  absence of his mum. Few hours later he looked so happy bonded to new people learning to live and accept reality.

       Don’t we all lose people whom we love?  Separation could be momentary or everlasting but it sure hurts the same way. May be the acceptance of loss teaches us to live or as time heals all wounds, wounds of separation too get healed.


  1. that's touching...time heals some wounds...probably not does

  2. This is way I'm feeling about my new school. My old school was a close knit private school, where everyone was your friend. It was basically my family. Now going into a public school I'll be stripped away from my "family" and forced to go to a place that's totally different and is like 10 times bigger than my old school! I know I'll eventually like it and my even make a new family, but nothing close to the family I had at Grace Lutheran! :,(