Friday, 19 August 2011


With the flags of India lying waste in nooks and corners of the country just a few days after the celebrations of Independence Day, a thought comes to my mind. How hard we individually and collectively work for becoming independent in life. We want our children to become independent in life and so we give them the best of borrowed knowledge. As the child grows older she wants to become independent of parental pressures, as she still grows she wants to live independently; wants to make independent choices and so on.  Life goes on, failing to realize that the word independence involves in dependence. In the mad rush of independence we have forgotten how important and beautiful it is to be in dependence, in trust of another. Even God is in dependence of the man He created to worship him. If we were in dependence of the values and emotions and conditions and requirements of the other we would not have as a nation become corrupt. Corruption is a pathogen that breeds on independence. Independent of the feelings of another and the need of the other, till one amongst us makes us understand that we need to live in  dependence of one another to out root this wild weed corrupting independence.

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