Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mumbai blasts

We won the best group act, freshers meet 2011 FYBSC. I was so happy, it was my first time on stage and I didn't stammer or stutter. My happiness knew no bounds my stage fright was gone , we clicked and clicked till our  digital  cams died of low batteries !

Who knew that a day that started out with such joy would end  with such grief . The same evening there were series of blasts , one right next to where I live.

It was seven in the evening & like everyday i was walking to my library. I read mills&booms ,so engrossed in romance, i forgot how cruel reality could be. I missed dying that evening, just a few seconds  were what saved me.
         I  survived, I live , I was lucky but not many were as lucky as me. They can  never write again , never love again , never live again . 13th july 2011 killed  21 people.  NO ,  It killed  many that evening . It killed my joy, it made a child an orphan , it killed that old man when his son blew into pieces .
                                  Bombs blast in mumbai . People die in mumbai. The media debate & forget , we forget & get back to life in a day or two . The dead are at peace  but their living families are dying everyday. We cannot forget , do not be proud of what we can overcome mumbai ,do not boast of the strength of the city or its people. I think the spirit of mumbai is cold hearted to forget its loss so quick. 
          It rained all night on the 13th ,even nature cry's to see the fall of mankind. You cannot be proud  to overcome the death of so many. Cry and fight for change! 

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