Thursday, 30 June 2011


The following write-up is about the fall of man as he stoops to rape little innocent children.

In this advanced world in which we live we need to I feel hold on tightly   to simplicity. Simplicity definitely was always appreciated and looked upon with respect but of late it has lost its hold on a majority desirous of advancement. The world as if is on a roller coaster ride the only hitch being that it seems to be here more of a down slide and less of against the gravity fun.
If man is as some believers say born in sin, then he is likely to be pulled often by the negative and in that case he would have to indulge in goodness excessive in order to avoid the dirt splashes on his senses from his surroundings.
Many advertisements and films today sow the seeds of lusty desires in the soil of man's imagination.
The fall of man in our society is very obvious with the number of rape cases on the rise. Earlier the rape victims used to be castigated as cheap. If a woman was raped she was demeaned by saying that she had asked for it with her kind of life-style and dress sense. Rape victims therefore physically raped by one or more preferred to keep their mouths shut instead of another mental rape by the society. Also the investigations later both verbal and physical were no less than an extended rape of the mind of the victim.
However what does the society have to say today about the rape of little children who have yet not even learnt to identify the difference in their sex? A bad touch leading to a forceful touch and many times culminating into a destructive touch has children perplexed. They in all their innocence are even unaware of when, why and how it happened to them.
An NGO therefore today has come forward to help these little molested angels with a 'DON'T KEEP MUM - TELL MUM' in English and a 'CHUP NA RAHO- MA SE KAHO' attempt in Hindi to educate innocence about lust.
Yes, certainly this lust has worn such a gigantic mask in the real drama of life that we do need to save little children with awareness.
But to sit back and to think about this necessary step is so disgusting. What level of advancement of education can our society rise up to with value neglecting speed!

This step the NGO has taken had to be without fail. For the good of our children it has though stamped on our society a seal of decadence.

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