Saturday, 22 November 2014

Why study in London ?

London is a very diverse and multi-ethnic city with a rich history. Being able to study in such a city creates students that are educated up to the best international standards, and also enlightened enough to live in a globalized world.


 Celebrating diversity 

Studying abroad increases ones awareness, as well as opens up the mind to different cultures and thoughts. Studying in London is also a gateway to travel to other places in Europe. The city itself has 5 airports and is connected very well by trains, planes and ships to different part of the world. 

Students have access to the learning facilities of the British museum (which holds over 7 million artifacts from across the world) as well as the British library. The view from the London eye which is the highest man made observation deck is also to die for. 

The multi-ethnic nature off the city is also visible in the food. You can get anything from the traditional British fry-up breakfast or bangers and mash to Mexican, Japanese, Chinese and Indian food. You can have any cuisines that you can imagine in London
  Writing about London would be incomplete if one were not to mention the nightlife that the city offers. It has everything ranging from neighborhood pubs where someone can go for a pint to some of the best nightclubs in the world such as fabric, KOKO ministry of sound etc.

London is home to over 100000 students from all across the globe, living in such an exciting city with such an energy is a very satisfying experience. It helps one to grow and prosper.

With inputs from shom :) Thankyou !

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