Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Emotional Abuse of Children at School

I am a human being, a child who knows perhaps less than you; but as human as you are, in my country I call you guru, and that means I respect you as a tutor and a teacher and look upon you to be a guiding light in my life.

Unfortunately, this respect when not reciprocated and that’s when and why I stand up and refuse to respect. I am your student, not your punching bag or therapist to tolerate your drama and emotional mood swings, DO NOT try to disrespect me as a human being; you have no right to humiliate me or insult me or make a comment on who I am or who I will be.

It seems my respect towards you has been feeding your ego. Stupidity combined with arrogance, I see has got you a long way. Some days as I wait outside your class, I think of the time when you were a student and I wonder as to who wounded you, it seems like you have been sharpening  your claws ever since. I will not argue at the pettiness of the issues that you spite; but I remind myself that life is a battlefield and demons I will face. I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinion I have no respect and I will not begin now.

Bidding farewell to the claws that scraped my peace and disturbed my sanity. You don’t owe me respect, you owe yourself the truth.  I will not carry the hate, I wish you luck but I also wish for you to realize that I was a child that you inconsiderately kicked into darkness when your duty was to be the guiding light, there are many like me who fear your claws tearing up their future for a pittance of marks. For the ones afraid, all I can say is, “No one can define you, without your authority”. And for those who betray their own; the ones that tilt where the benefit lies, you need not worry about self respect because you need to have it, in order to lose it.


A voice that’s not afraid of the truth.

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