Tuesday, 13 December 2011


A quote of the new generation says ‘promises are made to be broken.’ It’s probably the mental atmosphere of the times. That is, to not add weight to one’s word and treat it so lightly that it could fly away with the softest breeze of troubling times. The cold breeze of broken promises could dry up the radiant glow of a gentle heart and then the dashing entry of painful modernity would surface with it’s symbolic tattooed words, ’Love Kills Slowly’.
To think of it then, the olden times were better where the Lord created the world with His word and shared the power of The Word with His children. Where promises were meant to be kept and love didn’t kill but nurtured and cherished and helped bloom and grow perhaps in patience. Where stories  of Laila Majnu and Romeo and Juliet happened , where there were no Elizabeth Taylors with a line of husbands reiterating ‘until death do us apart’ before their partitions. Sadly modernity has not captured the world that values the word and works to keep it safe as perhaps it’s the word that helps the world to be safe. As David Friedman would say’ “OUR WORD IS WHAT CREATES OUR WORLD. KEEPING OUR WORD IS WHAT MAKES OUR WORLD WORK”.

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