Sunday, 20 November 2011

walk away

   just walking away from broken hopes losing the trust she had in love  , saying her goodbyes to  a nobody , walking a path she hated , regretting the beautiful years she spent with someone who now  claimed to have moved on , she tried to forget but the journey from being no one to someone was so full of love and this journey to abandon those feeling was so full of regret,  she walked the roads silently suppressing a sob and reliving her heart's pain mixed with salty water.  Tugging at the strap of her shoulder bag trying to ignore the reality of everything. Was she stupid to hurt, should she have switched off her feeling because he did, could she?  how was she going to just forget all those times they talked , all the times he said he loved her, years of love were over and she didn’t even know why. How was she to react, those words echoing ‘‘so the plan is we never see each other again '' 


  1. thats so sad, but its so good, exactly how i feel, great job, i put this on my blog, but i got your name as you wrote it, if thats okay, i know on of my friends if feeling like this too, amazing :)

  2. Packed with tears of dumb expressions.Very nicely written.