Friday, 26 August 2011

lady gaga


The story of love rebuked the story of ambition, the story of success. I wonder which would be apt enough to fit the story of
Lady Gaga.

The most atrociously dressed young pap lady leaves town in anger?, frustration?, rejection? and returns with a plane of her own. An offer of a song script taken up with confidence and belief. No dirt of mediocrity in the world to appreciate one of their kind; but a plane couldn't be bought with mediocrity alone unless the mediocre was a bird with wings of LUCK.
A few common words that touch common hearts. Great music! Greater effects! Help elevate common ideas presenting them uncommonly. Touching ordinary hearts with an extraordinary show of sound and sight.
Whatever! The journey to success must not have been easy with so many makeovers and a dress made of meat. The lady has guts and brains behind a purple, pink, red head. She may sing from blue, green or black lips but she speaks of a belief in herself and makes herself a hit.


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  1. There's more to it. She got what she desired for and she attracted the things by her definite actions :) :)