Thursday, 11 August 2011

change is life , stagnation is death

If all remained just as it was, it would be so boring. Change is what makes man move. Many adults or even growing children want to go back to the stage of infancy because it feels so good and comfortable to let responsibility be handled by somebody else. May be the pressures of the present experiences push man in the reverse gears. What ever the reason for such a desire, it certainly would lead to a retardation of progress and progress is what life is all about. If only we were to observe our potentialities and work actively to build them gradually, development would not be such a painful process; of course if tackled at a smooth pace. But man wants quick leaps which eventually end up in quick grief. Exploring our capacities and incapacities would enrich our world making us wear a jacket of bravery to face every change as a passing phase. There is not really any risk in a life that tries for a change. If you try and do not succeed there is not much to lose. For if you hadn't tried it, it would anyways not have happened to you. Life is our laboratory where we are specimens in the midst of other specimens. Sometimes we tickle the other and at times we get tickled by the other. A little loss in our life makes us so nervous! Without realizing that that little loss made us gain a lot of wisdom on our inability in a certain area or positively perhaps an awareness of our lack of effort which now we know after the loss, the exact amount we need to invest.
With an abundance of wealth within us, the wealth of the power to see, to walk, to eat, to sleep and to reason, we can certainly risk a little experience to experiment in life to work on our heart's desires. So what if we do not succeed we can make up with the wealth of rest and begin anew.

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  1. very well said...people who do not take risk do not succeed...ones who never fail are the ones who never is about change, good or bad...stagnancy is death...