Monday, 25 July 2011

sparks in the rains

The bus was cramped ,windows pulled down.It was too humid. another day just like everyday.It was pouring ,wet   , humid..the beauty of the rain was gone what stayed was thunder and feeling of a cold stranger.  An old lady with a little baby sat next to me.I was sleepy and tired . The baby smiled .It was an infectious spark of happiness, so beautiful it made me smile too but when i looked around i saw only  regretful ,sad faces.Faces with unhappy cold stares .It made my spark die but the baby smiled all the way.
 I walked home all the way wondering why & how the baby was able to stay so happy, surrounded with only quiet sadness .
                            At the traffic signal the man standing next to me  had a emotional breakdown ,he cupped his face in his palms and cried  with tears mixing with the rain . The rain washed of his tears but his pain he didn't allow to wash off . The cry became a sob but the pain remained in his eyes.He didn't allow me to touch him or ask him why he cried,  i stood beside him. Cars didn't stop, a few people waited ,few looked, few stared, few asked. What should have i done?He was a stranger breathing in his suffering.A police official asked me if i knew him and told me to go if i wanted.
                                      I  left , I  walked away with a spark of happiness and a cry of pain.

1 comment:

  1. innocence, unaware of reality, is always happy...
    an adult mind, unaware the reality is an illusion, is always sad...

    that was an amazing experience...glad u shared it...